Contrary to the first impression which the name of this site may convey, it is not just about black and white photography nor necessarily an hommage to Ansel Adams (there are so many of those anyway).  The purpose of this site is to present more than just photographs, but images.  The digital revolution has given the photographer countless new possibilities to modify and elaborate that which once was a mere photograph.  The boundaries of that which one could achieve in the analog darkroom with film, paper and some chemicals have been stretched far beyond anything Ansel Adams or any other of the great pioneers of photography could ever have even fathomed.

I wish you, the visitor, viewer or potential customer to take your time in viewing, to hopefully enjoy what you see and, if so you should feel to criticize my work in order for me to improve and grow.

Thank you!



Born and raised in Munich, Germany on 26 March, 1960, the interest in photography began in his teen years, but it was not until the late 80's that Duschan decided to turn professional, working initially in architectural photography for local firms.  His passion for automobiles inevitably led him in that direction and today Duschan's work is mainly focused on vintage and classic cars.  Aside from cars, he still nurtures his passion for architectural and landscape photography.

Over the years, Duschan Tomic has achieved numerous national and international recognitions and has been listed twice in the Who's Who in Visual Arts.